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10 Oct

How Much Does it Cost To Visit Scoan Lagos- Nigeria

one question tourist to fequently ask is : whats is the cost of visiting Synagogue, Church of all Nations(SCOAN), Lagos -Nigeria ?.

This usaually not straightfoward question to answer as lot of factors are involved. for instance, the costs of visiting from france will be significantly differrent from the costs of visiting from South africa .

Similarly,the costs of one visiting from India will not be the same as another visiting from Namibia. Generally, the costs of invitation processing, hotel reservation and visa processing differ for different nationalities. Also airfares fluctuate with season and airlines, etc. In fact, even the costs of food at the hotel vary, depending on your preferences. So it is very difficult to precisely tell the cost of visiting Nigeria.

That not withstanding, we have put together the rough costs you should expect if you are visiting through us. Generally, expect to cover the following costs when planning a visit to Nigeria:

  1. Invitation processing ($50 – $100)
  2. Accommodation (from $15 – $110/night*)
  3. Visa
  4. Airport pick-up and drop-off ($50)
  5. Flight
  6. Food

Invitation Letter

The first thing you’ll need if you’re planning a visit to Nigeria is an invitation letter. We can send you a corporate invitation letter or a personal letter of invitation, as applicable. The corporate invitation letter will come with our Certificate of Incorporation (CAC document), while the personal invitation letter requires the passport data page of the inviter.

For African passport holders, we charge $50 per visitor (not more than $100 for two or more visitors). We will require a copy of your passport data page, proposed dates of visit and payment of processing fee here .

For non-African passport holders, we charge $100 per visitor (not more than $200 for two or more visitors). We will require a copy of your passport data page, proposed dates of visit and payment of processing fee here.

It takes a maximum of 24 hours to send you a letter of invitation and you can forward your details via email to or whatsapp: +2348180793273.


Deluxe room

The next cost you should expect to foot when visiting Nigeria (SCOAN) is hotel accommodation/lodging. Our rooms range from $15, $20, $30, $40, $50, $60,$70, $80, $110 per night, etc. You can find available rooms here and make your reservation.

Alternatively, if you get an invitation letter from us, you can tell us your daily room budget so we can make a reservation for you and send you a confirmation. This way you will be able to pay on arrival. You will need the reservation confirmation alongside letter of invitation for visa processing.

Cost of accommodation depends on your budget. The exact amount you will spend on accommodation depends on the room you choose, multiplied by the number of nights you stay here. For instance, let’s say you choose the $20 room and intend to spend 9 days in Nigeria; the cost of accommodation therefore will be $20 x 9 days = $180.

Visa Processing

You will need a visa to enter Nigeria, unless you’re from West Africa and hold an ECOWAS passport. Or you’re from a country with special visa waiver agreement with Nigeria like Ecuador.

Nigerian visa fees differ for various nationalities. Find out the Nigerian visa processing fees for your country here . However, we sometimes recommend a visa on arrival instead.

The visa on arrival program is easier, faster and sometimes cheaper. To qualify to travel and get a Nigerian visa on arrival at the port of entry, you MUST get the approval documents first. Here’s how to get a Nigerian visa on arrival approval within 48 hours.

Airport Transfer

You will also need to cover the cost of airport transfers (pick-up on arrival and drop-off at departure). We have air-conditioned airport shuttle that operates 24/7 with security. We charge a total of $60 to cover for pick-up on arrival and drop-off at departure.

You can make this payment here , and we require your flight itinerary so we can track your flight and be at the airport at the right time to receive you. We will also need your recent photograph for ease of identification.


Flight prices (airline fares) constantly fluctuate and differ, depending on which country you’re flying from. You can search for flights, compare rates and get the best deals on airline tickets on google.


decent food

The cost of food is something you’d almost certainly expect to cover for when visiting Nigeria. But this should be the least to worry about as food is very affordable here. Generally, food is generally cheaper here or more or less the same as you would have in your country.

A meal in the hotel costs from $3, and you can also get food in nearby eateries/restaurants from as little as $1, depending on your preferences.

In a nutshell, this is a general estimate of the costs you’d expect when you want to visit Nigeria. You should always allow for contingency funds so you won’t run out of cash.

Do you need help with visiting Nigeria?
Contact us here , or send us a mail: . You may also reach us on WhatsApp: +2348180793273 . We are always willing to assist.

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