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25 Sep

The Scoan Live Living Water Service


Friday 27th September 2019

Get ready to witness LIVE on Emmanuel TV the authentic, undeniable power of God in action during The SCOAN Living Water Service!

Date: Friday 27th September 2019
Venue: The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Lagos
Time: From 2pm (GMT+1)

The Living Water is NOT tap water; it has been affected by the Holy Spirit to break the yoke of affliction in your life! We look forward to hearing your testimony!

“It is not the water itself that heals, blesses or delivers but God Himself – since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name!” – TB Joshua

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way  to Synagogue Church of All Nations(SCOAN) and Emmanuel TV. Our Work is to share Information that could change people’s lives and also if you need assistance with the information on how to obtain Nigerian visa and attend the church services without invitation, Kindly please feel free to contact us we are ready to help.

Remain Blessed Emmanuel!!!!

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  1. Iam forwarding this all the way from Papua New Guinea, a small island country in the south pacific, north of Australia and east of Indonesia.
    I watch TBJoshua on you tube. I note he is a very powerful man of God. The many mirracles and deliverences executed through this man is amazing. What is happening in Nigeria and Africa is yet to be experienced in my country.
    If it is, Im yet to know.
    I really want to come to Nigeria and experience the power of God through TB Joshua.

    I dont know how much it will cost me to travel including airline, hotel accommdation, transport, visa and other associated costs.
    If you can give me an estimate in US dollars, I should prepare for travel in the new year.

    Kind regards
    Danny Gonol

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